Sizes Guide

You will find indications below to know how to choose your size :

sizes guide

Before taking measures

  • Wear close to the body clothes or take measure without them (Recommended)
  • Get help of another person, if possible.
  • Get a tape measure. It must be plated on the body loosely.

Taking measures

  • Chest
  1. Wrap the tape around the chest.
  2. Keep it horizontally, passing under the armpits and nipples.
  • Waist
  1. Put the tape around the thinnest part of the waist horizontally.
  • Hips
  1. Stand straight, legs slightly apart.
  2. Wrap the meter tape on the widest part of the hips.


If you have any doubt, always order the larger size.

We remain at your disposal to help you, if necessary.